Ten10’s values help to engender a way of working that we can all aspire to and ensure we all have a high level of professionalism and integrity at work.



Our Values Are


We deliver high standards through hard work, diligence and a determination to succeed. Be the best you can be and show resilience when the going gets tough.


We empower our people to take the initiative, make the right decisions and take personal responsibility for the success of our business.


We embrace change, diversity and the opinions of others. We believe in the power of teamwork to achieve our shared goals. We collaborate with our customers to provide the best solutions. Together we are stronger.


We lead by example, support our colleagues and take every opportunity for company, individual and customer growth.


Being agile and creative allows us to maximise every opportunity and stay ahead of technological change. We nurture our entrepreneurial spirit and always take an imaginative, original approach to all challenges.


We are focused on staff welfare and development so that they feel empowered by our leadership. Our commitments are defined in our published Employee Value Proposition.

Modern Slavery

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in in any part of our business or supply chain.


We only engage with suppliers who show integrity by respecting human and employment rights, share our commitment to diversity,  comply with the law, have a strong environmental policy and follow health and safety regulations. 

We live and breathe our values every day.  We support this through ‘Bonusly’ which enables instant feedback, recognition and reward for living the values, inspiring behaviour or simply just doing the right thing.

Chris Shaw