Ten10 Factory

Ten10 supports short to medium term, non-sequential solution delivery through our ‘Factory’ delivery model.


We know that some projects and product development plans do not require continuous support; there may be planned down time within your delivery schedule, a backlog of work that you need help to clear, a quarterly release cycle, or support needed for platform upgrades.

Ten10’s Factory combines the benefits of leadership, guidance and accountability from a senior Ten10 Consultant with a team of more Junior Consultants to provide flexible bursts of delivery.

How It Works

Our ‘Factory’ delivery model is fully flexible and accountable and guided by your priorities. We will partner with you to understand your challenges and to review your requirements, then recommend a fully accountable team to support your immediate and longer term needs. This low risk, cost-effective and fully flexible model leverages the experience of our senior Consultants along with a team blend that supports your needs.

We will adopt Ten10’s sprint-based delivery approach which incorporates Agile principles and delivers value in ‘sprints’, without long-term commitment and that is led by our senior Consultants delivering immediate value and benefit.

Our sprint-based delivery approach puts you in control of the areas of focus and priority for the Ten10 Factory. We will work with you to define a prioritised ‘backlog’ of work, agree the deliverables for each sprint (typically 2-4 weeks’ duration), provide regular progress updates and demonstrate tangible deliverables and return on investment at the end of each sprint; quickly delivering value while being responsive to changing priorities.