RPA Solutions

Ten10’s RPA consultancy and solutions provide industry leading expertise to ensure your RPA journey follows a successful path, defining an overarching strategy that delivers value and return on investment, whilst implementing a robust, maintainable and supportable solution.

Avoid Costly Mistakes And Ensure RPA Success



Aware of the potential benefits and value of RPA but apprehensive about the potential costs and chances of success?



Anxious to find a low-cost, low-risk way to trial the value of RPA but with no long-term service or tooling commitments?



Keen to work with a trusted, industry leading RPA partner that delivers?

Ten10’s RPA solutions are designed to allow organisations to embrace RPA without the large scale programmes and investments that characterise many enterprise implementations.

Define And Demonstrate

Ten10’s RPA Accelerator provides a low-cost, low-risk approach to introducing RPA into your organisation without longer-term commitments, helping you to gain confidence in its value and to build a robust business case.

We deliver a pilot solution using a full RPA implementation lifecycle but with no longer-term service, license or tooling commitments. In addition, Ten10’s RPA cloud can be utilised to remove the need to implement any additional infrastructure.

Via our proven methodology, our RPA consultants will work with you to deliver an RPA implementation project via the following phases:

Opportunity analysis – scoping and prioritisation, working with your key stakeholders to identify and define appropriate pilot processes and assessing the technology landscape and RPA tooling options.

Business process modelling and planning – detailed modelling and step-by-step process capture that will underpin the implementation. Then defining and agreeing the plan for implementation which includes prerequisites and dependencies including tooling, development and test environments, live operational environments and the go live and support approaches.

Preparation – support the preparation of the environments, tooling and access in order to develop, test and implement the RPA pilot solution.

Implementation – develop and test the RPA pilot solution using appropriate test environments and data

Deployment – support the go-live of the RPA pilot solution

The result is a fully functioning RPA solution which enables you to experience the value of RPA, providing you with clear visibility in the value that can be achieved and the confidence for further investment.


As a trusted RPA delivery partner, Ten10 delivers solutions across the RPA lifecycle, from initial RPA opportunity analysis through to pilot implementations and fully managed services.

Ensuring business and technology stakeholder involvement and buy-in, we utilise automation technology to deliver business process improvements without the need for major system change.

Deep technical expertise ensures an appropriate balance between ‘pure’ RPA solutions to directly replace repetitive human tasks versus more robust, efficient and lower level approaches to achieve the same business outcome.

We help you unlock the value of RPA, introducing repetitive process efficiencies and allowing your valuable people to focus on delivering greater business benefit and success.

Our proven ‘Tenology’ methodology and framework rapidly establishes intelligent RPA solutions, embracing Agile techniques to accelerate your delivery capability.

Why Ten10

Ensuring an appropriate, best practice approach to RPA from the outset is essential to maximising the value, delivering a return on investment and ensuring long term success. The benefits of working with Ten10 include:

  • Proven track record of delivering RPA success and value
  • Industry leading experience and exceptional heritage in test automation ensures we know what works and crucially, what doesn’t
  • Focus on working with your business and IT stakeholders to analyse and identify prioritised RPA opportunities based on business value
  • Partnerships with and experience in the leading RPA tool vendors allowing us to identify the right solution for your business