Quality And Test Strategy To Enable Complex Technology Change

Navigate through complex technology change.

Expert-led quality and test strategy, approach and plan definition for technology programmes and projects.


The consideration of quality and testing as early as possible when implementing new technologies, programmes and projects is an essential requirement for delivering high quality solutions, avoiding expensive mistakes and delayed go-lives.

Ten10’s quality and test strategy definition solution provides a rapid and expert-led way to define a quality and test strategy, approach and plan. This solution can be used for new and in-flight programmes, projects or capabilities, be this a cloud migration project, a bespoke Agile software implementation, or a major back office system upgrade programme.  

Our ‘Tenology’ methodology and framework provides ready made best practice templates and processes, whilst tailoring our deliverables to address your solution, technology and delivery context  – no ‘boilerplate’.

Why Ten10?

Ten10 has extensive experience across a wide range of sectors, technologies and programmes/projects of varying size.

Our experience of common challenges related to quality and testing and how to avoid these means that we are ideally placed to maximise your chances of delivery success, on time and on budget. Key considerations include:

  • Early stakeholder involvement to ensure an understanding of risk profiles and how they guide quality and testing effort
  • Budgeting for appropriate testing types, levels and effort rather than late and costly additional testing scope and delays
  • Ensuring a quality focus throughout the delivery lifecycle including requirements, design and development, not just testing
  • Defining environments and data to support testing, avoiding costly delays caused by late provisioning 
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate test and quality metrics to track progress and inform process and quality improvement
  • Reviewing and governing quality and testing across third party suppliers 

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