Innovative Test Automation Solutions That Meet Demanding Business Requirements

Test automation, the right way.

Implement effective, best practice test automation, avoiding common and expensive mistakes.


Ten10’s innovative test automation solutions balance highly technical expertise with exceptional process experience to maximise value and meet demanding business requirements.

Effective test automation is essential to providing the confidence to release quality software faster, more effectively and more frequently, gaining a competitive advantage.

Whether you are looking to introduce continuous test automation as part of a wider Agile DevOps process or to replace costly and error-prone manual regression testing, Ten10’s solutions include:

  • Establishing new or enhancing the effectiveness of existing test automation processes and tooling, ensuring best practice and maximum value is achieved based on the technology, business and people context  
  • Implementing, scripting and maintaining test automation, allowing your test analysts and business SMEs to focus on high business value areas and providing continuous quality feedback
  • Building and supporting your internal automation capability, upskilling your team members and leaving you with a highly effective test automation legacy 

We take an innovative and pragmatic approach to the use of the latest tools, techniques and technologies and integrating with CI/CD pipelines, staying ahead with the latest JavaScript based automation solutions and the testing of microservices architectures.

Remote Automation Solution

Why Ten10?

Ensuring an appropriate, best practice approach to test automation from the outset is essential to longer-term success and achieving the greatest value from it.

Ten10’s breadth and depth of experience ensures that common pitfalls and failures associated with test automation are avoided, by:

  • Aligning test automation with appropriate test analysis to ensure that the tests to be automated are valuable and relevant, both for initial implementation and ongoing.  This avoids the common situation where an ever increasing and costly test automation suite is run and maintained but the underlying tests are no longer relevant and valuable
  • Automating at appropriate levels in the automation pyramid, not just at the user interface level.  This ensures better coverage and more robust and maintainable automation
  • Bringing together the wealth of excellent tools, libraries and frameworks already available, rather than building custom automation solutions
  • Considering maintenance processes and costs from the outset to ensure automation ROI can be achieved, avoiding the test automation ‘maintenance trap’
  • Adopting an ‘automation in testing’ rather than a test automation approach, ensuring focus on the wider test process is not lost in favour of too much focus on test automation as a ‘silver bullet’

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