Functional Test And Quality Engineering

Ten10’s innovative functional test and quality engineering services support programmes, projects and business as usual workstreams to deliver change with confidence.

Understand The Quality Of Your Solutions With Ten10



Struggling to complete functional testing in line with project milestones?



Worried that your regression tests are focused on the right features and are mitigating your quality risks?



Business users unhappy with the amount of testing they need to complete?



Unsure if releases are ready to deploy?



Is your team uncertain about which tools might help with their testing?

Ten10’s Functional Test and Quality Engineering services provide short, medium and long term support for programmes, projects and business as usual change. We provide a full range of functional test services across component, integration, system integration, system, end-to-end, regression and acceptance testing. We can supplement your existing team during busy periods, deliver the functional test activities for a project, or implement a test and quality improvement roadmap, or anything in between.

Define And Demonstrate

Ten10 test and quality Consultants will develop a test approach that aligns with your priorities, risk appetite, technology and timeframes. We underpin all functional tests with thorough, risk-based test analysis to ensure appropriate test coverage and to balance quality risks against time and budget constraints. Our Consultants will advocate for quality throughout the development lifecycle, ‘shifting left’, to increase defect prevention and reduce the cost of defect resolution.

We utilise our expert test analysis capability to define and refine regression test suites for all functional test types to ensure they stay streamlined and relevant and to give you the ability to deploy with confidence. Ten10 Consultants embed within Agile teams to support Agile backlog refinement and sprint planning activities and when more traditional delivery approaches are used, we provide test plans and traceability matrices to support test entry gate reviews. Through all engagements, Ten10 Consultants drive effective and efficient defect management, recommending tools, capturing the right metrics and defining defect management processes.

Ten10 test teams can support your business and end user teams to plan and prepare for user acceptance testing, from leadership, coordination and guidance through to shadowing and witness testing.

Our Functional Test and Quality Engineering consultants are tool agnostic and have expertise in a wide range of open-source and commercial tools which support functional test activities, from requirements, defect and test management tools (Jira, Azure DevOps, Zephyr, Xray, Test Rail, SpiraTeam, HP ALM) to integration and API test tools (Postman, SOAP UI and Fiddler), through to documentation management tools (Confluence, SharePoint). Ten10 Consultants will work with you to establish the best fit tooling to support your needs.


Utilising our flexible resourcing models, Ten10 Functional Test and Quality Consultants will join existing or form new teams to deliver the functional test activities for your programmes, projects or business as usual change. We will leverage best practice scripted and exploratory test techniques which increase test coverage, reduce risk and deliver efficiently. We capture test results and defects, support issue resolution, and leverage quality metrics to drive continuous improvements.

We collaborate with customer and third party teams to maximise the benefit of test tooling; improving configuration, capturing quality metrics and removing duplication. Ten10’s tailored, meaningful and quality-focused reporting through standups, regular status reporting and more formal test reporting (e.g. test completion reports) ensures that you and your stakeholders get the information and feedback you need to make informed decisions.

Ensure engagement from your business and end users through Ten10’s user acceptance test support and coordination capability, that provides training, overviews, guidance and coordination which maximises the benefit of business and end user testing while minimising the impact on users’ ‘day jobs’.

Why Ten10

Establishing a culture of continuous improvement, driven by meaningful test and quality metrics is key to mitigating quality risks through effective and efficient functional testing.

Ten10’s test and quality engineering heritage, coupled with our highly experienced Consultants will help you to build quality throughout the development lifecycle and conduct targeted, value-focused testing through:

  • Risk-based test analysis to focus test effort on the right areas
  • Utilising best practice tools and techniques to increase test coverage without increasing time, effort or cost
  • Tailored and meaningful test reporting that allows stakeholders to make informed decisions
  • Structured support for business and end users to ensure your solution is fit for purpose
  • Quality metrics to engineer quality throughout the development lifecycle and drive a culture of continuous quality improvement