Digital Test Solutions

Ten10’s Digital Test Solutions provide a range of services across accessibility and compatibility testing.

Confidently Deliver Fast-Paced Digital Change With Ten10



Uncertain whether your customer facing application is accessible to all?



Concerned about the cost of ensuring your application is compatible with the latest devices, browsers and operating systems?



Do you struggle to complete device testing in line with your release schedules?

Ten10’s Digital Test Solutions leverage our depth and breadth of industry knowledge, structured risk analysis and the latest tools and techniques; allowing you to deliver your digital change at pace and with confidence.

Define And Demonstrate

Ten10’s market leading accessibility test services are delivered by our highly skilled, specialist Consultants. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum fixed price work packages which allow you to determine the in scope platforms, user journeys and features and the level industry-recognised accessibility standards you want to achieve. The Ten10 team will present the approach, propose the tooling and explain the outputs you will receive at the end of the testing. We can also help you to build accessibility into your product development lifecycle, shifting left and preventing accessibility issues.

Ten10 digital test teams will review your market and existing analytics and recommend risk-based test coverage across devices, browsers and operating systems that efficiently gives you confidence in the compatibility of your application or website. We will work with you to confirm the in scope user journeys and application features, the split between physical and emulated devices and share the agreed test approach with stakeholders.

Repeatable, fast feedback on the compatibility of new features and releases can be achieved through Ten10’s digital test automation services. Starting with a pilot project, Ten10 Consultants will recommend an appropriate toolset (Appium, Espresso, EarlGrey) and automation approach, as well as demonstrate a sample of automated tests to showcase the proposed solution. We are able to automate using physical devices and emulators, or a combination of both to deliver efficient and effective test coverage that can be integrated into your CI/CD pipeline.


Ten10’s accessibility test services provide a comprehensive assessment of your application or website against industry standards (WCAG 2.1 level A/AA/AAA, UK Government Digital Standards (GDS) and Section 508 guidelines (for the US market) and a full set of actionable insights and recommendations to remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people with a range of abilities from accessing your solution. Our specialist Consultants will use a range of best-in-class tools and technologies to automate and rapidly conduct accessibility tests and in parallel replicate user journeys to identify further accessibility issues which automation tools may not identify. The accessibility test outputs will provide you with the advice and guidance needed to support you through the WCAG self-certification process.

Working with an agreed device, browser and operating system compatibility test scope, Ten10’s digital test team will conduct structured exploratory testing to provide reactive and flexible test approaches that are focused on providing you with valuable feedback and insights as early as possible. The Ten10 Digital Test Lab maintains a diverse range of physical hardware, browsers and operating systems, which can be complemented by device emulators to ensure the right level of test coverage. Tailored and comprehensive progress reporting and test completion summaries ensure you receive the test and quality information you need to make informed decisions.

Complement your digital testing experience and deploy rapidly and with confidence by using Ten10’s test automation services which build repeatable test suites that provide continuous quality feedback, integrating compatibility and accessibility tests into your CI/CD pipeline.

Why Ten10

Leveraging Ten10’s Digital Test Solutions to ensure a positive user experience for all users, regardless of user needs or device will enable you to confidently deliver digital change at pace.

Ten10’s Digital Test Solutions provide efficient and highly effective test coverage at a predictable cost. We deliver:

  • Tailored solutions for your application, technology, user base and market
  • Transparent scope and fixed price cost which is agreed up front
  • Independent verification against industry standards
  • Predictable, timely delivery that aligns with your project milestones
  • User-friendly reporting
  • Actionable insights and recommendations that provide a clear improvement roadmap