Accelerate Your Technology Change And Control Costs With Low Risk And High-Value UK Or US Based, Remote Test Automation

Need value from your test automation? Let us show you how.


The current challenging business climate means investments in technology need to demonstrate efficiencies and drive productivity improvements. Effective test automation is a key element to achieving this.

In today’s remote working and value focussed environment, we know that you need you to justify your investment with low risk and a high chance of success.

At Ten10, we follow a proven two-phase approach that delivers business results directly linked with cost efficiencies:

Phase 1: Discover, Define, Demonstrate

We Discover your test processes, assets, technology, delivery landscape and the capability of your team.

We Define a clear view of what is ready to be automated, what automation looks like and the value that can be achieved.

We Demonstrate an initial test automation delivery iteration, conducting a proof of concept.

Phase 2: Analyse, Automate, Accelerate

Analyse ensures that targeted tests achieve the most valuable coverage and are appropriate for automation.

Automate implements a framework and scripts providing robust, repeatable and maintainable automated tests that follow industry best practice.

Following each iteration, additional and updated automated tests are available to be integrated into your delivery process, providing continuous quality feedback allowing you to Accelerate critical business change.

Remote Automation Solution

Why Ten10?

Our service integrates seamlessly into your organisation, as an extension to your agile delivery processes or as defined work packages. We take a flexible, iterative, agile approach with no long-term commitments, building trust and partnership along the way.

Our solution is a unique take on test automation services – assuming accountability for delivery whilst you retain control of cost, minimise risk and maximise success.

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