Managed Service

We take full ownership and accountability for our solutions, partnering with you and your third party providers to drive continuous improvements, realise efficiencies and transform your delivery capability


Ten10 will be your trusted partner to support your organisation to realise the return on your investment in new approaches, tools and technologies. Your dedicated Delivery Manager will work with you to understand your priorities, risk appetite and delivery challenges, then build a flexible and scalable Ten10 Team to deliver your requirements.

We take full ownership for the provision of the service and incorporate proactive resource management, efficient and effective on and offboarding and continuous innovation and improvement. Our partnership will thrive through regular and tailored KPI/SLA reporting and management.


How It Works

Ten10’s team of Consultants and Engineers, effective resourcing team and proactive delivery management enable Ten10 Test Services to be nimble, flexible and adaptable to changing priorities. Supported by ‘Tenology’, our proven knowledge transfer process and through the development and maintenance of a knowledge base, the Ten10 team will be efficiently ramped up to manage peaks in testing demand, or down during periods of lower activity.

Tailored and regular service reporting covers service, delivery and effectiveness KPIs and captures month-on-month trends. This fosters open communication and transparency which enables Ten10 to become your long-term, trusted partner.