How The Academy Works

Building on our heritage as experts in Quality Engineering, Software Testing, DevOps and RPA we offer highly capable, motivated junior talent working in roles across the technology engineering lifecycle including Software Testing, Development, DevOps, Business Analysis and RPA.

With the shift in skillset required to support Agile transformation, together with recruitment challenges for customers in locations which are outside the major cities where talent tends to pool, we regularly hear that customers are struggling to find the technical talent they need. The Academy model addresses these challenges and cost-effectively provides customers with highly motivated graduate resources who have the technical skills they require.

The Academy provides bright, driven and capable pre-trained graduate individuals who will relocate to your site and become embedded in your team.  We call them ‘Academy Engineers.’  Whilst performing as a dedicated member of your team, they will receive online training, performance reviews and career development from the Ten10 Learning Team. They are also supported by the Ten10 Wellbeing Team to facilitate seamless onboarding and develop valuable, evolving skills. Importantly, once the initial engagement is completed, you have the option to retain them as a permanent member of your team, building long-term capability and stability.

How The Academy Approach Works

Candidate Attraction

Online Application

Open to candidates from all academic backgrounds by CV submission


Conducted via video and Skype to understand an individual’s motivations and drivers

Assessment Day

Checking for core competencies, technical aptitude, resilience, attitude and cultural fit

Training And Development

Intensive Training

Core training with assessed modules to validate learning

Learning Pathways

Software Testing, Development, DevOps, Business Analysis and RPA.

Ongoing Development

Online training modules, industry qualifications, Ten10 Learning Team and a mentoring scheme

Customer Engagement


Customer cultural fit assessment, followed by CV screening and interviews


Customer placement, up to two-year engagements with relocation support provided by Ten10


Options for customers to permanently retain Academy Engineers

“As a junior consultant I find my job enjoyable and rewarding. The academy has provided me with countless invaluable opportunities to learn and collaborate with so many diverse and knowledgeable people. The training is challenging yet easy to follow, especially with the support from the academy trainers and the academy wellbeing team.”

Jade Majaba